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One of the most versatile types of conveyors on the market today is a stainless conveyor. Made from stainless steel, these conveyors are highly resistant to corrosion, durable, long lasting, and have a visually appealing finish.  (However, initial costs are quite high due to the current cost of stainless steel.)


Whether it’s a standard belt conveyor, a modular belt conveyor, a slat band conveyor, a radius conveyor, an elevator conveyor, a troughed conveyor, an incline stainless conveyor or any other type that you may require, Texas Sheet Metal Houston (TSM Houston) can manufacture a stainless conveyor that is a perfect fit.  Primarily, stainless steel conveyors are used in “washdown” environments for reduced corrosion.


Stainless conveyors, and conveyors in general, mostly operate using powered pulleys that move a continuous loop of material around them. One exception to this rule is the roller conveyor, which uses gravity and inertia to accomplish its task.


Stainless Conveyors


Conveyors are used in many industries worldwide, and have been responsible in most cases for speeding up and increasing productivity since they allow large volumes of product to be processed in the least amount of time. Some industries that have made exceptional use of conveyors and stainless conveyors are: food and beverage, mineral, transportation, manufacturing (assembly lines etc.), distribution, and warehousing. If you are in an industry that could benefit from a stainless conveyor, now might be the time to contact TSM Houston about having one designed for you.


Conveyors have enjoyed a long and prosperous life in the world of industry. Stainless conveyors have given them, and their owners, the added advantage of the benefits of stainless steel. By allowing TSM Houston to design and manufacture a stainless conveyor, you will be able to give your customers more of what they want – your product.